2018 GMQ Global Blockchain Summit · Philippines —The 1st CEZA FTSOVC License Awarding Ceremony successful launched



The grand opening of 2018 GMQ Global Blockchain Summit · Philippines—The 1st CEZA FTSOVC License Awarding Ceremony was hold on Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila at 07/10/2018.Golden Millennial Quickpay Virtual assets exchange(GMQ)Officially announced that it has obtained the first blockchain exchange license of the CEZA Special Economic Zone Government of the Philippines - mining, ICO and opening of exchanges in the special economic zone.


The guests present at the conference included the Philippines CEZA(Cagayan Economic Zone Authority)Administrator and CEO、CEZA Senior Deputy Administrator,Presidential Adviser on Investments、Pasay MAYOR、Pasay Vice Mayor、Department of Trade and Industry Undersecretary、Philippine Board of Investments Assistant Secretary、Lone District of Eastern Samar Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.President, and other government official from different department of philuppine,China's blockchain industry and cryptocurrency experts, well-known founders of various industries and other entrepreneurs.

CEZA Administrator and CEO Addressing this major and expressing recognition and recognition of the innovative model of the GMQ blockchain digital asset exchange, encouraging efforts to innovate the economic model to contribute to the blockchain industry and actively promoting the financial and economic development of the Philippines. Connect with the global economy and support innovation and development.


CEZA Senior Deputy Administrator issues the first financial technology solutions and virtual currency exchange provisional principal license. And there are also many various government departments officer in the Philippines to witness the launching ceremony of the GMQ Exchange. 


GMQ CEO Calm shared the exchange business introduction on the summary. GMQ is a subsidiary of GMQ Group. It was established in the Philippines at the beginning of this year. It is a global blockchain digital asset exchange approved by the Philippine government. The business includes C2C transactions. Coin trading, token trading, contract trading and legal currency trading, covering IOS, Android, Windows, Mac and other platform terminal access, users can 7*24 hours T+0 transactions, of which contract transactions can be based on international market spot The price is directly sold.


This summary brings together a large number of industry experts to discuss, including round table topics such as "Discussing how blockchain technology applications can better achieve globalization", "Discussing the value of blockchain establishment and how to maintain a new Internet order", sharing and sharing The application and development prospects of the blockchain industry technology, the share of many outstanding projects and industry insights in the summary, this summary can be described as dry goods, and a lot of gains.


Wonderful sharing of many senior experts in the summit! Let us have more reason to believe that the digital currency era is no longer far away from us. The new era is coming. We must always be prepared to be an era leader, not a follower!


The time of “learning” is always happy and short-lived. However, “study” is a long-term issue. GMQ sponsors the second summary in order to share with the guests, think together, transform together, and succeed together. I hope that everyone can gather strength and become a partner to grow together on various transformation paths. Can walk more steadily, longer, and embrace the blockchain together. Finally, congratulations to the 2018 GMQ Global Blockchain Summit · Philippines—The 1st CEZA FTSOVC License Awarding Ceremony was successfully concluded!