CEZA has Approved the white paper of Issuing GMQ STABLECOINS



December 2018, Cagayan Economic Zone Authority(CEZA) approved the plan of issuance GMQ STABLECOIN designed Golden Millennial Quickpay Inc.(GMQ), which entitled GMQ the authority to issue, trade, and market stablecoins. Presently, GMQ STABLECOIN development team is finishing final testing and optimization. Please look forward to the launch of GMQ STABLECOIN!


GMQ STABLECOIN issuance plan is based on in-depth partnerships between GMQ and World-renowned Philippines banks, such as National Bank of Philippines, China Bank, and United Coconut Planters Bank, etc. During the initial state, GMQ will be focusing on the issuance on 3 different types of stablecoins, CNYY, USDD, and PHPP.(CNYY is anchored on Chinese Yuan, USDD is anchored on US dollars, and PHPP is anchored on Philippine pesos) the first GMQ STABLECOIN issued from GMQ must correspond to the first fiat money reserve in the custodian bank, fully guaranteeing the 1:1 value peg. The issuance of GMQ STABLECOIN will be fully transparent and auditable, GMQ will ensure the deposit of dollars to be not misused nor moved for other purposes. The issuance process is under the supervision of CEZA, World-renowned banks and audit firms. An auditing report will be published monthly or quarterly to ensure the security of the transactions. For double insurance of GMQ STABLECOIN, GMQ will also be searching for partnerships with insurance companies to protect the reserved funds for GMQ STABLECOIN, deeply secure the value of stablecoins.


GMQ STABLECOIN is designated to be the solutions to all the reliability problems occurring in the current stablecoins market. Because of high stability, security, and liability of the GMQ CHAIN technology, GMQ STABLECOIN owns enormous advantages against other available stablecoins:


First of all, a top-gear blockchain technology is operating for GMQ STABLECOIN. Combination of parallel-chain tech, TPS and funds security plans makes GMQ STABLECOIN 10 times more efficient, which brings a revolutionary change to transaction speed and possibilities for future expansions.


Secondly, GMQ CHAIN is highly secured under the supervisions of authorized banks, incase to building an independent, fair, transparent, safe trading environment.


Thirdly, GMQ STABLECOIN will be the solution to all liability problems of the current cryptocurrency market. Partnerships with world famous banks, 1:1 value peg with reserved funds, and final insurance through the partnerships with insurance companies and audit firms, these advantages guaranteed the security and transparency of GMQ STABLECOIN transactions.  


Number four, reason is assurance from authority. Issuance of GMQ STABLECOIN is strictly audited by Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. Reviewing and publishing, CEZA auditing procedures double secured the value of GMQ STABLECOIN.


For fifth reason, users enjoy best-valued rights and interests. The operational fee of GMQ CHAIN is much lower than the other chains. Users not only experience a much more professional service but also enjoy a very low transaction fee, comparing to other chains.  


Sixth reason ,is that GMQ thrives to establish GMQ STABLECOIN as the core for its own economic ecology. The operating principle of GMQ is decentralization of the operating system and establishment of democratic autonomy. In the future, GMQ STABLECOIN will be the bridge to connect all modules forming a GMQ economic ecology, so cryptocurrency fans will have a safe, fair, justice trading center. GMQ aims to build a completed chain with its own ecology, making progresses and improves on blockchain technology world-wide.