GMQ Coin Ex 3.0 system upgrades online


GMQ Coin Ex is the GMQ Group's global blockchain digital asset trading platform. It has the industry's first blockchain digital asset license issued by CEZA in the Philippines. In order to better meet the trading experience of the majority of users, the GMQ core technology development team continuously optimizes and perfects the system, iteratively updates, and now the APP 3.0 upgrade and optimization version is launched.


This GMQ Coin Ex APP 3.0 update highlights: (1) New interface design, focusing on the user's actual experience, the design is more user-friendly, while at the same time meeting some users to use mobile phone transactions at night, adding night mode, soft and comfortable visual effects (2) Integrated wallet function to protect your property in all aspects. Users can query and manage their assets at any time. (3) New red and green drop one-button switch button, users can easily switch according to operating habits; (4) Optimize C2C order interface, facilitate users to communicate at any time, improve transaction efficiency, complete transactions in an instant; (5) for more In order to meet the investment needs of users, the CYY interface adds the CNYY currency trading area; (6) In order to enhance the user transaction experience, a new one-click coin-buying function is realized to realize small-value fast transactions, which is efficient and convenient; (7) to optimize various controls. The system is more stable, smoother, more convenient and safer. (Tips: To upgrade to the latest version, you need to uninstall the old version before you can upgrade successfully.)


This upgrade, the PC side is also upgraded to version 3.0, the new version of the interface will bring a new visual experience, the operation logic is simplified and intelligent. Compared with the old system, the 3.0 version of the transaction is more fluid, stable, intelligent and secure. The interaction is more perfect and tends to be humanized. The trading function synchronizes the app, whether it is mobile office or pc office, you can enjoy the 3.0 version of the free trading experience. 

GMQ Coin Ex will continue to promote the social value and economic value of the blockchain in digital technology innovation, security control, independent research and development, and decentralized democratic autonomy as the business philosophy, closely matching the users of the mobile Internet era. The demand is to provide safe, stable and convenient blockchain digital asset exchange services for global users, and contribute to the realization of high-quality economic development.