GMQ donated 200,000 to rebuild the Philippine earthquake-stricken area


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At 7:38 am on July 27, 2019, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake occurred near the Batanes Islands in the northern Philippines. A 5.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in the same area around 4:16 am, with a focal depth of 12 kilometers. According to local media in the Philippines, two earthquakes damaged part of the building in the town of Itbayate, causing deaths of more than 5 peoples and injure of more than 13 peoples.


GMQ donated 200,000 pesos to the earthquake stricken region at the first time and wiseing to do the best to help the victims and solve the disaster. At the same time, it is called for more people in the community to join the earthquake relief efforts to help people in the disaster areas get out of their injuries and rebuild their homes.


After learning of this donation, the Secretary of  Philippines Cagayan Economic Zone Authortiey personally sent a Letter of thanks to GMQ. The letter stated that "Because of friends like you, we were able to immediately provide relief for basic necessities of those who suffered the wrath of the earthquak. you repid respnse enable us to help thousands of people in ITBAYAT, BATANES in the wake of this unfortunate incident. with your help, we were able to reach even more towns and familes and children in need. it is your generosity and belif in our public service commitment that enables us to perform this work, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership."

GMQ Blockchain Cryptocurrency Exchange (English: GMQ Coin Ex) is a subsidiary of GMQ Group. It was established in the Philippines in 2017 and awarded the 1st Financial Technology Solutions and Virtual Currency Exchange Principal License  of the Philippines Cagayan Economic Zone Authortiey. It is a globalBlockchain Cryptocurrency Exchange approved by the Philippine government. GMQ has always been promoting China-Philippines friendship as its mission, actively communicating with the local government, maintaining good cooperative relations, uniting and helping each other, improving local economic infrastructure and promoting economic development.

In the face of such irresistible natural disasters, everyone will have infinite sorrow in the face of such irresistible natural disasters. GMQ wishes people in the disaster area to complete the reconstruction work in the disaster area as soon as possible.