GMQ Coin Ex


The GMQ Blockchain Asset Exchange(GMQ COIN EX) is a subsidiary of the GMQ Group and it have awarded the first Financial Techology Solutions and Virtual Currency Exchange Provisional Principal License, is the blockchain virtual currency exchange that be approved by Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. The founding team has a leading and excellent Hundsun Technologies Inc.‘s Core technology development team, a management team with many years of experience in the financial industry, and investment consultants from various countries around the world. Based on in-depth exploration of digital currency and blockchain industry, decentralized democratic self-government is the business philosophy and closely matches the needs of users in the mobile Internet era. It aims to provide secure, stable, and convenient blockchain for global users. Asset exchange service is committed to building a world-class blockchain asset exchange. The GMQ team will provide digital asset lovers with a safe, fair and just trading platform with professional service capabilities and high-quality products and services,and strive to build the industry's first top-down blockchain industry's complete industrial chain and strive to contribute to the application of global blockchain asset technology.

The platform advantage

1. Safe, stable and fast trading system

Have mature system architecture, Europe's most advanced BGP multi-line integration room, and the world's most advanced CDN acceleration node. The system implements bank-level user data encryption, multiple authentications, and multi-level risk identification control to ensure transaction security. Safeguard the user's asset safety and transaction experience.

2. Leading excellent technology development team

Has a leading and outstanding Hundsun Technologies Inc.‘s core technology development team, has strong strength and competitive advantage in software development and implementation, technical services, system integration and system maintenance services.

3. Multi-currency transactions

At the beginning of the transaction, BTC, ETH, LTC, and QPC (ICO tokens of GMQ) will go online and the exchange will enrich more business types in the future.

4. Multi-platform terminal access, multi-language support

Covers IOS, Android, Windows, Mac multiple platform terminal access, support full business functions. At the same time, a variety of mainstream language choices are provided for different customers.

5. 24 hours full-time online service

Provide 7X24 hours of online services to ensure the safety and stability of users and quality trading experience.

6. Excellent and experienced operating team

With an experienced and excellent operating team, we have rich experience in details such as customer service, user asset safety, transaction system fluency, and user experience. We have more than ten years of successful operations experience in the financial trading industry, and an external risk control system. The internal risk control system has a complete set of processes, and it has mature and rapid processing efficiency in preventing measures, finding problems, and solving problems.

Company culture

Exchange mission

Let everyone understand virtual currency assets, love the blockchain, love virtual currency assets, facilitate the circulation and value discovery of high-quality blockchain virtual assets, promote the gradual development of blockchain technology in commercial applications, and promote the development of the real economy.

Exchange Vision

The GMQ Blockchain virtual Asset Exchange is committed to creating a “world-class blockchain virtual asset exchange”. To provide a safe, fair, and just trading platform for virtual asset enthusiasts, to reach users and close to users, and pay attention to user experience and it will strive to build a complete industry chain for the industry’s first top-down blockchain industry and create a GMQ community for users of global platforms. We will strive to contribute to the application of global blockchain asset technology under the supervision of the Philippine government.