GMQ Group is about to launch global innovative financial derivatives trading platform



In order to better expand the Group's business, promote the diversified application of blockchain technology, and promote the development of the real economy, GMQ Group will soon launch the global innovative financial derivatives trading platform (English abbreviation: GMQ FIN Ex), GMQ FIN Ex to create digital assets Docking transactions in the international financial products investment market, providing diverse, professional, forward-looking financial products and services, enriching the diversified investment needs of users and creating new value.

GMQ FIN Ex has a subsidiary of the GMQ Group and was approved by the CEZA Special Economic Zone Government of the Philippines to obtain CEZA's first financial services license. Based on in-depth exploration of financial derivatives and blockchain industries, it will open up new areas of digital currency and other financial products trading, link global financial markets, provide a variety of financial derivatives trading models, enrich diversified investments, and provide security for global users. Stable and convenient financial services, and strive to build a global financial services platform.

GMQ will adhere to the safe, fast, professional and caring service concept, constantly improve and innovate, create an industrial structure with diversified operation and balanced development of capital operation, and develop efficiently, and strive to become the world's leading large-scale enterprise group.