GMQT Global token Launched


On August 29, 2018, the GMQ Blockchain Virtual Asset Exchange (GMQ Coin Ex) launched the GMQ Token, or "GMQT", and officially released the white paper.

Based on the powerful technology of the blockchain, GMQT adopts the general economic model, which is the ERC20 standard token. The total amount of issuance is limited to 500 million. The total amount will never increase. GMQT will link excellent innovative digital asset projects and GMQ quality in the future. Users build GMQT into an important part of the GMQ ecosystem and build a GMQ blockchain ecosystem.


User support and encouragement is the biggest driving force for us. GMQ Coin Ex will gradually launch GMQT global token ecological construction route, let each user participate in the platform to build GMQ blockchain ecosystem and share GMQT global points equity. GMQ Coin Ex will continue to create value for the majority of users, lead the entire blockchain industry, achieve industry win-win in the global blockchain era, and jointly promote the healthy development of the blockchain and virtual asset industry.