GMQT Global Points will be launched soon


GMQ Blockchain Virtual Asset Exchange (GMQ Coin Ex) is about to launch GMQ Token, referred to as “GMQT”. At the same time, the white paper will be officially launched on Wednesday, August 29, 2018.


GMQT is a blockchain virtual asset based on Ethereum and is an ERC20 standard token. The total amount of GMQT is limited to 500 million, and the total amount will never be issued. Based on the powerful technology of blockchain and adopting the model of the pass-through economy, GMQT links excellent innovative digital asset projects and GMQ quality users and builds GMQT into an important part of the GMQ ecosystem to build a GMQ blockchain ecosystem. Realize the win-win situation of the industry in the global blockchain era, and jointly promote the healthy development of the blockchain and digital asset industry.


GMQT will launch a global GM eco-building route, with GMQT's exclusive fee-based services, top-level merchant privileges, project online voting rights, and occasional exclusive activities, as well as global virtual asset eco-opening programs. A user participated in the platform to build a GMQ blockchain ecosystem and share GMQT global point equity.