GMQ EXCHANGE official launched C2C trading merchant function


To meet the trading needs of the majority of users C2C, optimize the C2C trading environment, and enrich the trading functions. After the active preparation and development of the GMQ Group's technology development team, the GMQ Exchange officially launched the C2C trading business function at 8:00 on October 16th, 2018. After becoming a GMQ C2C trading merchant, you can advertise your trading currency yourself, and you can control the price yourself, and provide safer transactions for merchants, and enjoy the multi-to-one quality service. The C2C transaction free fee activity is postponed to December 31, 2018. We sincerely invite all users to participate in the C2C trading business function, and welcome users to provide us with valuable comments and suggestions.

How to apply to become a business?

Prepare documents - send mail - submit review - review passed

Merchant must pass the advanced certification

Step 一Prepare the following documents as required

1. Please download the application information template and fill in the application materials as required.

2. Please record the video, the video data requirements are as follows:

• Hold the front of the ID card for video recording to keep the sound and images clear during recording.

• Video reading template: I (name), ID number (ID number), my source of funds is legal and reliable, and I am willing to trade digital assets such as Bitcoin. I fully understand the digital currency and potential risks, and I can resist risks. Willing to take all risks!

Step 2: Send an application email

Please send the above application materials and video materials with the subject of "Apply to become a merchant" to support@gmquickpaycoin.com

Step 3: Submit application

After sending the email, please click the "Confirm Application" button on this page to submit your application. And agreed to freeze 3000USDT as a merchant deposit. Once the submission is complete, you can place an ad in the C2C trading area.

Step 4: documents review

We will review your merchant application within 72 hours. Please keep your communication open and we will contact you.

GMQ Exchange will continue to provide users with safe, stable and convenient financial services, and strive to build a global financial services platform.